During your tour, make a stop in one of the wineries and taste some local wine
In this Santorini Tour we are heading to the Archaeological site of Akrotiri, an ancient settlement of magnitude importance for the Greek civilization that lasted 4.000 years. For about an hour we are going to explore the prehistoric treasure which is also called “the Greek Pompei”. We will find out about its state-of-the-art drainage system, its multi-storeyed buildings and its astonishing wall paintings. You will also be able to admire the works of art that adorn the site exuding elegance and aesthetics.
Afterwards we will visit the adjacent Red and Black beaches. While the Red beach is a wondrous natural phenomenon, a red sculpture of the nature – the predominant color there is the red while the site resembles with the Martian scenery, the Black Beach is one of the most iconic sceneries that you will witness due to its black volcanic hue.
The most gustatory part of this sightseeing tour takes place in one of the island’s most renowned wineries where we will delve into the art of Santorinean winemaking. An art that has been honed for years now with main promulgator the unique blend of the variety of the grapes, the microclimate and the volcanic ground.  As a consequence you will savor an eclectic range of top notch wine varieties: Assyrtiko, Athiri and Malagouzia. Exploring a destination has always been a multisensory experience and it is also true that taste is one of the most immersive ways to experience a place. We welcome you to this kaleidoscope of senses, aromas, images and memories through our Santorini Transportation Services  and Santorini Mini bus experience.
One of the best Santorini Excursions to explore the island through its cultural inklings.

Departure point: The location of your choice.
The tour ends in the location that the customer chooses.

Itinerary of “The Purple Tour”:
Archaeological site of Akrotiri- Red Beach- Black Beach- Visit at a local winery.
  • Surrender your senses to the exquisite views of the island’s caldera, the only inhabited caldera in the world. 
  • Visit to the Archaeological site of Akrotiri, the “Greek Pompei”.
  • Enjoy unmatched dramatic views to the scintillating waters of the Aegean and the marquetry of the vineyards, cliffs, villages and countryside of the island from its highest point, Mt. Prophet Elias and the village of Pyrgos.
  • Wine- tasting at a local winery where you will tantalize your palate by savoring some of the most refined fruits of the volcanic earth, the trilogy of the famous Santorinean wines: Assyrtiko, Athiri and Malagouzia. 

6 hours (half-day tour).

Included in the tour:
  • Transportation in a deluxe Santorini Mini bus.
  • Pickup & drop off at the location of your choice (the cruise port, the airport, your hotel etc.) 
  • All fees, VAT and local taxes.
Excluded from the tour: 
  • Food and beverage.
  • The tickets of the cruise port's cable car (€6 per person, per ride).
  • Entrance fees of the Archaeological site of Akrotiri (Full: €12 per person, Reduced: €6 per person).
  • Wine tasting fee.

1 - 4 Guests: 300.00  Euros total, all included.
5 - 12 Guests: 380.00  Euros total, all included.
13 - 23 Guests: 480.00  Euros total, all included.
24 - 50 Guests: 580.00  Euros total, all included.

*The tour is very popular among the Santorini Private Tours too.
* All the Private tours may be settled according your needs.
* The excursion includes an assistant guide.

Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation, written notice must be received by LTS: 24hours prior service 50% of Charge