Stathis Koronios
CEO/ Co-Owner LTS

Born and having grown up in Santorini, Stathis Koronios is the typical Santorinean man who will tell every foreigner- friend the Cycladic hospitality history.
The emphasis of his work is placed on the stable and secure high quality of the services offered, the authentic hospitality, the extroverted relations forged with his customers, his smile, the courteous attitude towards the foreigner and the role he undertakes every time as the "host" of the foreigner on the island.
This is also his professional diversification, since he is the man -bridge of the old with the new, the man who knows the paths of each spot on the island, having grown up in the tourism sector and offering this experience to the customer.
It is very special to have a man on vacation who will tell you insider information about the island, who will introduce you to local figures and will show you the hidden-and truer-side of the island. Leaving LTS, you will not only recount stories about the places you saw, the breathtaking caldera views or the majestic volcanic landscapes, but also about the residents of the island that Stathis Koronios introduced to you. You will feel part of the story, part of the community, part of the most beautiful island around the world.

Eva Miliou
Managing & PR Director/ Co-Owner LTS

Eva Miliou, Managing & PR Director/ Co-Owner at LTS, is the person responsible for the implementation of a specific family of words and values of the company: Confidentiality, Professionalism, Agile service tailored to the personalized implicit and explicit needs of every single client, Privacy of the VIP services, Value for money services and a Person-centric approach. Simultaneously she leads the partner network of the company, articulates its vision and coaches its team, demonstrating the same consistency and the same professionalism that she demonstrates to the customer.
Eva Miliou eventually becomes the personal navigator of her customers and the person of trust of her partners, which resonates with the very nature of the company as a transfer company.
Eva Miliou and LTS team remind us what it is worth remembering: Hospitality is a relationship or professionalism, respect and mutual appreciation.

Equipped with every comfort and in compliance with the quality & safety
standards required by the regulations of the European Union our fleet features the latest
models of minibuses, buses and coaches including:

  • Luxury Limo Buses of 11 seats
  • Buses of 50 seats
  • Mini Buses of 23 seats
  • Mini Buses of 20 seats
  • Mini Buses of 12 seats
  • Mini Buses of 8 seats
  • Taxis of 3 seats
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